UAE visa procedures

Overseas professionals who want to live and work in UAE must obtain both a residency visa and work permit. A foreign national is entitled to a residency visa in the UAE after business formation in the UAE or becoming shareholder of a UAE company or employed within the UAE or purchasing real estate in the UAE. Our team will assist you with getting a work and residency permit in the UAE.

UAE residency visas

Foreign investors and shareholders with free zone companies are entitled to a 3 years investor visa upon providing the requirements. The investor must undertake a medical examination and meet the requirements.

  1. Father's name
  2. Mother's name
  3. Religion and which sector
  4. Permanent country
  5. City abroad
  6. Address outside of the UAE
  7. International mobile number
  8. Marital status (married or single)
  9. Passport picture with white back ground

All foregin workers require a residency visa. Expatriate employees must be sponsored by their employer to obtain 2-3 years visa in the UAE. The employee must undertake a medical examination and meet the requirements.

  1. Father’s name
  2. Mother’s name
  3. Religion and which sector
  4. Embassy attested academic qualifications and professional qualifications
  5. Employment contract
  6. Permanent country
  7. City aboard
  8. Address outside of the UAE
  9. International mobile number
  10. Marital status ( married or single)
  11. Passport picture with white back ground
  12. Attested UAE residential lease agreement
  13. Employment contract

Dependent visas for family members

  • Once our client’s visa is secured, our team will be happy to apply for any required family visas.
  • Dependent visas can only be applied after the principal sponsor has obtained the UAE residency and an Emirates ID.
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UAE employment visa process (step-by-step guide)

Before submitting a visa form, the applicant must ensure their passport has at least 2 blank pages and a validity of at least 6 months.

Visa application requirements:
  • Present in the UAE
  • Apply for visa status change request (where applicable)
  • Undergo a visa medical examination in the UAE
  • Record their biometrics with the Government Authority
The Government has the right to approve/reject any visa application. Consequently, guaranteed success is not under the control of EMEA LC. Our control is limited to the preparation and submission of the immigration visa application that maximizes the chance of the visa approval.