Who We Are

EMEA LEGAL COUNSELS is a modern, full-service law firm that provides legal services to businesses and individuals at a national and international level. Its clientele, from stock listed to small and medium-sized companies, is active across a range of markets and economic and business sectors throughout Europe and the Middle East.

The firm offers top-level legal advice, expertise and representation in multiple fields of law, ranging from Business & Corporate Law, Insurance Law, Litigation, Arbitration and ADR. Its multilingual and diverse team has experience in providing top legal services to inter alia major investors, construction holdings, banks, media and international organisations and individuals, as well as educational institutions. Combining the understanding of local business and the international standards of work culture is the essence of EMEA LEGAL COUNSELS’ services.

Our clients vary from large, midsize and small industrial multinationals and financial institutions to individuals seeking legal advice on business and personal matters. Since its founding, EMEA LEGAL COUNSELS has been characterised as firmly committed to assisting businesses to develop their activities and defend their legal interest.

Effective development and growth are of the foremost importance to EMEA LEGAL COUNSELS while always respecting values of ethics and morality. This is why the firm makes strong selections when it comes to new partners and advisors, both nationals and internationals.

The always dynamic and professional nature of EMEA LEGAL COUNSELS results in its clients not wasting time and energy observing the legal processes at the expense of developing their own business. This results in making much-needed space for our clients to be free to grow in their sectors and specialities by trusting us to handle the legal aspects and defend its challenges.

Focus & Approach

As a full-fledged legal powerhouse, we focus strongly on the needs of our clients and their respective businesses. Our client base requires a rapid response, appropriate advice and innovative legal solutions based on a complete understanding of their business needs. The practice is built on its reputation of exceptional service delivery, coupled with appropriate and outstanding skills and expertise.

Our group is geared toward efficiency and accessibility through the services we offer and how we interact with our clients. We have a keen understanding of global economic and market trends, and combined with our commitment to excellence; we have the ability to cut straight to the chase in any matter.