The firm represents a number of clients varying from large, midsize and small industrial multinationals and financial institutions to individuals seeking legal advice on business and personal matters. Since its founding, EMEA Legal Counsels has been characterized as strongly committed with assisting business to develop its activities and defend its legal interest all over the globe.

Arbitration & ADR

EMEA Legal Counsels is engaged in resolving complex issues in Lebanon as well as in the Middle East region and Europe. Also assisting clients in reaching amicable settlement for disputes. The group represents clients regularly for arbitration proceedings in many areas including construction, commercial and financial matters.

​Business & Corporate Law

Focusing on the core activities of its clients, the firm advises on the best way to do business with regard to the most advantageous company type to establish taking into consideration tax and tax structure, compliance and best legal solutions to avoid cost and to increase profit. Our services include establishment of companies, incorporation of tax efficient structures, agency and distributorship, associations, international trade, partnership, offshore and other various commercial transactions.

Contract Law

EMEA Legal Counsels regularly drafts and reviews agreements for major projects in the Middle East region and in Europe.
Our work involves many aspects such as engineering, procurement and construction, sub-contracting, FIDIC, joint ventures, consortium, confidentiality and non-disclosure, commercial, domestic, media, franchise, license, assignment, VOD’s, production, sponsorship, loan, settlement and release of claims, consultancy, services, security and many more.

Construction Law

EMEA lawyers are involved in the construction business and particularly advise on substation projects, pipelines, clean fuel projects, infrastructure, commercial centers and civil construction in Beirut, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Astana.

Health and Medical Law

EMEA Legal services include inter-alia advisory for regulations compliance, registration of medical products, incorporation of entities, medical confidentiality, contract review etc.

Insurance & Reinsurance

The firm assists clients in order to prevent any inconveniences. The team advises on better way to act during the process of subscribing to a policy, by avoiding any misrepresentation or non-disclosure of material facts that can lead to the cancellation of the insurance.
Insurance and reinsurance environment may likely be conductive to dispute at several times, we take all the necessary steps to protect our clients rights and interests at the best.

Intellectual Property

Our team offers a vast and comprehensive range of services associated with securing and enforcing intellectual property rights, our services include protection, enforcement and prosecution of trademarks, patents, copyrights, industrial design, internet and media.


EMEA Legal Counsels evaluates each practical outcome prior to, and throughout the litigation process in order to ensure the best possible results for its clients.
Whether in Lebanon, the Middle East or Europe, the group handles litigation before any and all courts.

Franchising, Licensing & Media

Our team covers all aspects of franchising and licensing including inter- alia commercial franchising / licensing, media and entertainment, publishing, production and music.

Other areas of practice

Beyond specialized areas of expertise, the firm handles a wide variety of cases and matters associated with:

  • Employment and social security- Civil law
  • Humanitarian law
  • Inheritance law
  • Foreign investments & International transactions
  • ​Technology & Science